YRDFA 2013 Saint Mary’s Annual Meeting Resolutions

YRDFA 2013 Resolutions
23rd Annual Meeting: St. Mary’s, Alaska
February 11-14, 2013

01 – Thanking the Community of St. Mary’s
Be it resolved that the YRDFA Board Members, delegates and staff of YRDFA gratefully thank the various organizations and the people of St. Mary’s, including the City of St. Mary’s, St. Mary’s School District, Yupiit of Andreafsky Tribal Council, Algaaciq Tribal Council, bed and breakfasts, businesses, fishers, drivers, dancers, cooks, and families for their generosity and hospitality.

02 – Salmon Bycatch
Be it resolved that YRDFA requests that the North Pacific Fishery Management Council take action immediately to reduce the overall bycatch cap to 30,000 and change the pollock fishing season closing date to Sept. 30 to avoid the consistently high bycatch in October.

Be it further resolved that YRDFA requests that the North Pacific Fishery Management Council also take action to adopt chum salmon bycatch management measures which will adequately protect Western Alaska chum salmon runs.

03 – Hatcheries
Be it resolved that YRDFA supports setting specific limits on hatchery production within Alaska and internationally.

04 – Mining in the Yukon River Region
Be it resolved that YRDFA expresses its concern that these mines operate with no impacts to the environment and, particularly, no impacts to aquatic life and habitat productivity.

05 – International Cooperation
Be it resolved that YRDFA will continue its efforts to work with Canadian First Nations, including the Council of Yukon First Nations and Alaska’s tribes for international cooperation and understanding between the United States and Canada for the good of the Chinook salmon and fishers of the Yukon River and its tributaries.

06 – Reducing Fishing Time in Area M June Salmon Fisheries
Be it resolved that YRDFA requests that the Alaska Board of Fisheries significantly reduce the amount of fishing time for the South Alaska Peninsula June fisheries, with accompanying meaningful closure windows to help protect migratory Western Alaska stocks that are transiting the fishery.

07 – Thanking the Elders
Be it resolved that the YRDFA delegation and staff gratefully thank the Elders for attending and participating in the YRDFA annual meeting.

08 – Unified Yukon River Conservation Plan
Be it resolved that YRDFA continue to work and plan strategies with all fisheries stakeholders on the Yukon River on conservation of Yukon River Chinook salmon to allow the stock to recover and rebuild.

09 – Harvesting Summer Chum Salmon
Be it resolved that YRDFA supports allowing the harvest of Yukon River summer chum salmon during the Yukon River Chinook salmon run, regardless of Chinook salmon run strength, if the means and methods of harvesting summer chum do not add additional pressure on the Chinook salmon stocks.

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