Pre-Season Salmon Planning Meeting for 2015

Join people from along the entire Yukon River in Anchorage for a one day meeting to plan for the upcoming summer salmon fishing season in 2015. A fisherman from each village along the U.S. section of the Yukon River is invited to join the meeting. They will hear first hand from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in-season managers and will work together to learn about the upcoming season and give input on management strategies that will work to conserve king salmon and to harvest the available healthy species of fish.

The summer pre season planning will have the following items on the agenda:

Review of the 2014 fishing season on the Yukon River

Salmon Stock Status update for the 2015 Chinook and chum salmon runs (with focus on the Canadian origin salmon)

Management options for the 2015 fishing season

A review of conservation efforts that have worked to move more Canadian origin Chinook salmon to the Canadian border

DRAFT AGENDA: summer pre-season planning meeting agenda.draft 1

Please contact Angie Fitch for information on travel at 907-322-5108


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