Final Rule on Bering Sea Salmon Bycatch Management in the Pollock Fishery

The final rule has been published on changes to Bering Sea salmon bycatch management in the pollock fishery which the North Pacific Fishery Management Council passed in April 2015 and which takes effect July 11, 2016. The Federal Registry document is lengthy but has interesting background and describes the new rules. The tribal summary impact statement is on page 13 of the document (page 37546 of the Fed. Reg.). Our comments are responded to throughout, with overwhelmingly positive responses. NMFS also responded to the pollock fishery’s comments trying to negate the 3-river index and lower cap, and held firm on defending this approach, which is great to see. Also see the comment letter with out partners and the bycatch mortality tracking charts.

BSAI Salmon Bycatch A. 110 Final Rule 6.10.16


AVCP, BSFA, Kawerak, TCC, YRDFA Comments on A. 110 Salmon Bycatch

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