2020/21 Yukon River Salmon Disaster Relief Information and Application for Subsistence Users

To read more information on the 2020 Norton Sound, Yukon River, Kuskokwim River, Chignik, Southeast Alaska; and 2021 Yukon River salmon disaster, please go to this site: https://relief.psmfc.org/2020-21-statewide-salmon/

2020/21 Yukon River Salmon Disaster Relief Information and Application for Subsistence Fisheries

Subsistence households in the Yukon River area are eligible for direct payments based on the number of shares they qualify for, and the total amount of proposed funds allocated to each area as follows: 2020/2021 Yukon River: $12,548,366

Subsistence households may only qualify for disaster funds in one area.

Eligibility criteria for subsistence households are based on criteria that were developed for Section 12005  CARES Act Fisheries Assistance. To receive fishery disaster assistance, one household member would submit an application for the household. Eligible applicants will be placed into tiers based on household size in 2020 and/or 2021 for Yukon River households. Smaller households with 1-3 members will be eligible for one share and larger households with four or more members will be eligible for two shares. Once all applications have been received, the total number of shares in each area will be determined and payments for applicants will be calculated accordingly.

Proposed subsistence household eligibility requirements:

  1. All eligible household members MUST be Alaskan residents, this will be verified by meeting at least one of the following criteria:
  2. Eligible to receive an Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend in 2021 for calendar year 2020*.
  3. Possessed or eligible to receive a 2020* Alaska resident sport fishing license from the Department of Fish and Game. Household size Number of Shares 1-3 1 4 or more 2 7
  4. Registered as a resident during 2020* with the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission.
  5. Held a subsistence or personal use permit issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in 2020* in the Yukon Area as defined at 5 AAC 01.200. Personal use fishery permits are NOT eligible for relief under this spend plan. They may ONLY be used to prove residency.
  6. Applicant for household MUST be at least 18 years old to apply per federal requirements.
  7. MUST self-certify that they are not de-barred from receiving federal funds and are not on the federal government “do not pay list”.
  8. Eligibility will be determined by Alaskan household.
  • A household is defined as a person or persons having the same permanent residence.
  • All Alaskan households participating in subsistence fisheries may apply regardless of physical household address.
  • Only one application may be submitted per household.
  1. MUST self-certify that one or more members of the household participated in a salmon subsistence fishery in at least two of the previous four years (2016-2019) in the area for which they are applying: Yukon River.
  • Participation includes harvesting, sharing, and/or using salmon subsistence fishery resources. Subsistence harvest does NOT require the use of a sport fishing license.
  • Subsistence fisheries are defined as fisheries on salmon stocks for which the Alaska Board of Fisheries has found there are positive customary and traditional uses, in addition to federal subsistence fisheries that have no state equivalent.
  1. Eligible applicants MUST self-certify that their household has incurred a negative impact on their ability to access subsistence salmon fishery resources in 2020* that was directly or indirectly related to the fishery disaster.

*Criteria for Yukon River subsistence households can be met for either 2020 or 2021.

2020/21 Yukon River Salmon Disaster Relief Application – Subsistence User:


Return your completed application and W-9 to:

  • MUST postmark for return no later than September 28th, 2024.
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